Solidarity campaign for urban artists during the coronavirus crisis


Touch the lives of those who live to touch your heart 


INSTITUTO ATRIUM is carrying out the Virtual Hat campaign - touch the heart of an artist. Our goal is to raise enough to initially bring 1 (one) minimum wage to at least 20 registered artists from Brazil, for two months or as long as the restriction recommendation that closed bars, restaurants and took the public off the streets - this is a campaign recurring duration. Our final goal in this first phase is to reach 60 artists. But depending on the reach of the campaign, we expect to be able to serve many more.


The coronavirus has stolen the public from many musicians and artists from the different arts. We are not talking about those who have already achieved the success all artists seek and can be seen and have their art appreciated without depending on the audience present at shows. We are referring to those artists who perform live for small audiences in bars and restaurants, in alternative theaters, in the few circuses that still exist, on the street stages. Who has not been moved by the music that vies for the attention of the occupants of tables in bars everywhere; or broken into an unbridled smile at the juggling and the irresistible and therapeutic grace of the clowns and their troupe ; with the creative talent of urban artists.


A relief from the daily turmoil, on the streets, on the train cars, on the subways - the artist goes where the public is. But without the distinguished public, the artist loses not only his poetic chord, his perfect juggling, his grace, but his livelihood. Who hasn't had a moment of emotion with these artists? Now it's time to switch places on this stage and let the artists applaud their audience standing up.


ATRIUM is associated with the BENFEITORIA platform to manage donors' donations. In addition to the main reward, which is to be able to minimize the damage caused by coronavirus in the lives of these professionals, we have also launched other rewards that can help to continue making their lives happy during quarantine. The collection numbers will be disclosed in full transparency here on the website.


We're passing the hat. Collaborate.